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    Electrical Engineering


    At Timberlake Engineering we use our well-trained and educated project engineers and draftsmen to design, develop and analyze electrical power, lighting and low-voltage systems. We meet and exceed expectations by adhering to codes, standards and individual project requirements, while focusing on economy, safety, reliability, quality and sustainability.

    With electrical engineering we provide:

     – Power Distribution

     – Lighting Calculations & Layout

     – Parking Lot Lighting

     – Controls

     – Grounding

     – Stand-by Power (Generator or Battery Plant with Rectifiers)

     – Communication Systems (Voice/Data)

     – UPS ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

     – STS (Static Transfer Switch)

     – Data Logging

     – Arc Flash Calculations and Labeling

     – Protective Device Coordination

     – Short Circuit Calculations

     – One-line Diagrams